November 21, 2007

Section 1: Post B

"In none of those scenarios, though, had he ever really considered the though of a boy with his proprietary hand around his daughter's waist might make him want to run until his lungs burst." And in none of these scenarios had he seen Trixie's face fill with light when the boy came to the door, the same way she once looked at Daniel." (pg. 18)

This quotation gives evidence that Daniel (Trixie's father) is beginning to worry about growing apart from his daughter completely. He has had such a close relationship with her in the past, because her mother is a college professor who is gone majority of the time. Daniel worries that since she has a boyfriend now, she might distance herself from her him. He doesn't like the fact that his daughter has a boyfriend now, probably because it's her first, but he knows that he has to grow to accept that she's growing up and his relationship with her won't always remain constant.

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